Geothermal Exploration

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In the era of national development in Indonesia at this time, there is the need for human resources with high quality and dedication.  Therefore,  skilled resources  with  knowledge  of  science  and  technology  that  are  also  capable  of using that knowledge in the field taken are needed.
Geothermal energy consist of the basic materials that cannot be changed. The more develop daily reeds will be get the problem in the next time. They are some solution to solve the problem. If we talk about that problem we can get the knowledge about geoscientist that innovative and creative into the daily reeds of that human. So AAPG, Unhas SC get the initiative to held the short course with the theme “Geothermal Exploration “ as be investation for the candidates of Geoscientist in the next future
Based on the above commitment, we are The AAPG UNHAS Student Chapter plans to present Short course with theme Geothermal Exploration - Mr. M. Yustin Kamah Vice President Of Of Pertamina Geothermal Energy”